Pricing information.

General pricing information for our translation services are as follows. Please note these prices are intended as indicators only, and pricing may vary at our discretion.

Marketing materials, website content, brochures etc.

We can translate most of this kind of content direct in the source file format (whether that be html or InDesign). We cannot give you accurate pricing here, but to give you an indication:
Double sided DLE brochure in InDesign: $150 plus GST per language
4 page website (2500 words) in static HTML: $500 plus GST per language

Apps and Software localisation

Very hard to give indicators due to the variation in volume to translate, file formats to work in and amount of clarification required of strings out of context. Please enquire.

Operating manuals, scientific papers, technical content

Again, just a rough estimation as a lot will depend on the number of diagrams, font size affecting volume of text, tables, speciality knowledge required etc., but indicators as follows:
20 x A4 page operating manual in InDesign: $3000 plus GST per language
4 x A4 page bio-chemical published paper, scanned: $400 plus GST per language

Certified translations (translations for use with IRD, NZTA, NZIS, etc.):

Driver’s licenses, birth-death-marriage certificates, diplomas and degrees

Standard service
All languages to English
Standard turnaround 2-3 working days: $45.

Express service
Same day service is available for certain types of documents and in certain language pairs. Price is $60. Please call 0800-889-0160 to enquire about your particular document.


For a certified translation we need to provide you the physical translated document for it to be used in New Zealand. You can pick it up or we can send direct to you, or to your hotel, rental car company etc. to hold for your arrival.

Delivery within NZ
Standard Post: included in pricing above, typical delivery time 2-3 business days
Track and trace courier: $10, typical delivery time 1 business day (rural deliveries may take longer)

Delivery Overseas
Airmail Post: $10 plus GST, typical delivery time 5-10 days
Track and trace courier: $45 plus GST, typical delivery time 3-5 business days