What kind of things can you translate?

We translate across most subject areas. From general documents (e.g. birth certificates or academic qualifications) to marketing websites and brochures to scientific papers. However it pays to keep in mind that for highly specialised subject areas (e.g. bio-chemicals) there are relatively few translators in any one language pair with the requisite knowledge and language skills available. So it pays to plan well in advance for those projects.

What languages can you translate?

Our list of languages is extensive. For full details please refer to www.a2ztranslate.co.nz

What file formats can you translate in?

We work in most file formats. This means we can translate directly in your original file format, and return to you publication ready. No cut and paste errors!

Scanned documents: PDFs, JPGs, TIFF etc.
General Documents: Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers etc.
Tagged formats: .html, .xml, .po, .xliff etc,
DTP formats: .indd, .ai, etc.

Do you offer print services of translated content?

Yes we do. This is particularly convenient for clients where we are translating a language your printer/DTP operator is unfamiliar with. The designer may not be aware of word and line wrap rules between different languages etc.

How much does a translation cost?

OK, things start to get tricky. For your typical 1 page scanned birth certificate, expect $45. For editable text content (e.g. in a Word document) expect around $80 per page, but that will depend a bit on the complexity of the content and the actual volume. For further information on pricing please go the Pricing page.

How will you send me the translation?

For most general translations, we will email the completed translation. For a certified translation, we must send you the physical documents, stamped with our company seal and signed by our representative. We can send these by post, courier etc.

How long does a translation take?

That depends on the volume to be translated and our current workload. For certain languages and documents we can offer a same day service. For detailed information on translation turn around time best to contact us.

What is a Certified Translation?

A certified translation is a translation that has been affixed to a copy of the original, then stamped and signed by the translator (or company). This verifies that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original. Typically this is to present to Immigration departments, for verification of Degrees and Diplomas, or for legal purposes.

Can you email me a certified translation?

We can certainly email you a copy for your reference, but if you wish to present the translation to any agency (e.g. NZ Immigration), they may require the physical document, stamped with our company seal and signed by us.

How can I trust you?

A2ZTranslate Ltd. has been in the translation business since 2002. We are a professional translation company with our head office in downtown Auckland. We hold $1 million NZD Professional Liability Insurance. While there is no central register of certified translators and translation agencies in NZ, we have had our translations accepted by NZQA, NZIS, NZTA, MPI, as well as by the Ministry of Education, Department of Internal Affairs, the Courts and the Justice department. For more information on us please see A2ZTranslate Ltd.

Where is your office? We are at:

O’Connell Collective
Level B1, General Buildings
2 O’Connell Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

First doorway on your left when you come up O’Connell Street from Shortland Street.

Contact us on Freephone 0800-889-0160 or from overseas +64-9-889-0160 (GMT+12), email info@a2ztranslate.co.nz.